2017 Annual Report

Graffiti 2’s mission is to Revitalize, Revive, and Revolutionize the Mott Haven neighborhood of the South Bronx and beyond. Take a look at this annual report to see how Graffiti 2 has accomplished this mission in 2017.

There is no life without food and water, but these aren’t our only needs. Health and wellness are essential to a full life; reading and learning are essential to vitality.

Graffiti 2 revitalizes our neighborhood through programs that develop people physically and mentally. Here are a few ways G2 revitalized lives in 2017:

After-School Programs: 40+ students, 10 interns, 5000+ snacks, 1300+ hours of tutoring

Summer Programs: 100+ students, 2,200+ snacks, 40 Summer Youth employees, and over 125 volunteers

Community Outreach: G2 hosted a 3-on-3 basketball tournament involving over 150 participants and spectators, provided school supplies for over 200 students at our School Supply Sale, distributed Thanksgiving groceries to 50 families, and provided Christmas gifts including Toys-R-Us gift cards, backpacks, clothes, and food to 50 families.

We aren’t only mind and body, we are also soul. Strength isn’t developed from the outside, but instead from the inside.

Graffiti 2 revives our neighborhood through efforts that develop people emotionally, socially, spiritually, and vocationally.

Here are a few ways Graffiti 2 worked towards revival in 2017:

G2 Works: Our artisans fulfilled a 700 purse order in addition to continuing their partnership with WorldCraft.

PBS Strategies: G2 uses PBS strategies to establish a climate in which respectful behavior is expected, encouraged, and taught; G2 teaches students to show respect to authority, others, themselves, and God.

Parents Rock: The Parents Rock program empowers families to have an active role in Graffiti 2. Parents attend monthly meetings in which they receive updates and are encouraged to participate and be involved.

Bible Studies: G2 teaches Biblical principles daily to strengthen our students in their studies.

Our vision is to develop a community of Revolutionized Revolutionaries—people that have been changed that can be change-makers for others. Here are some of the revolutionized revolutionaries we took note of in 2017:

“Graffiti 2 hasn’t only found a way to help youth in the community, but also allowed me to learn how to lead and be a role model for others.” ~Chris Chadwick is a junior at Albany State University in Georgia, majoring in Criminal Justice with aspirations of working with Homeland Security or the FBI.

“The Lord has transformed my heart into a compassionate heart that sees people how He sees them and not how I see them.” ~Emily Medina is a member of Graffiti 2 Baptist Church as well as an artisan with Graffiti 2 Works.


Graffiti 2 is committed to the Mott Haven neighborhood, but our mission isn’t limited only here; it also goes beyond. We believe what happens here can inspire and train others to do similar work in their own communities. Imagine, every church recreation center in the country becoming a community center focused on Revitalizing, Reviving, and Revolutionizing their community!

Working with the Graffiti Network, Graffiti 2 helped to host the first Upside Down: Meet the Need First conference in 2017. Over 150 people attended from all over the world.

Looking ahead, in 2018, the Graffiti Network is partnering with NAMB Send Relief to offer Upside Down Training in Atlanta, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and Detroit.



For a more detailed copy of our 2017 reconciled financial report and 2018 budget, please send an e-mail to info@graffiti2ministries.org


God answered our prayer in 2017 for a long-term, sustainable space for ministry. Beyond just a building, Graffiti 2 is blessed to partner with the church-owners. We are working with them to Revitalize, Revive, and Revolutionize this hundred-plus year old building.

Phase 1: Repair/replace plumbing and electrical; build a new bathroom

Phase 2: Refabricate collapsed stairwell and create rear egress which will allow public assembly of more than 74 people

Phase 3: Remodel basement for community programs

Phase 4: Restore sanctuary on 2nd floor to provide churches a place to worship

There is a lot of work to do, but in the meantime, we continue our mission using the space we have to Revitalize, Revive, and Revolutionize the lives that walk through Graffiti 2’s doors.

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Thank you for all the ways you’ve contributed to help us with our mission to Revitalize, Revive, and Revolutionize our neighborhood in 2017. We look forward to partnering with you to accomplish the same mission in 2018.