Thirteen year old Annabella is excited that she will be attending high school in Manhattan in the fall.  Since being accepted by the school, she recently participated in an open house there with her family.  “It’s very nice.” She was born in the Bronx and is excited about the change in schools.
Her favorite things about the Bronx include being in her apartment, watching TV, playing games on her phone and hanging out with friends.  She loves being active.  She is a Yankee’s fan, but her favorite sport is basketball.  On the negative side of living in Mott Haven, she believes there is a serious drug problem in the neighborhood and she dislikes the amount of litter on the streets.  “There’s too much garbage.”
 When Annabella was in the fourth grade she began attending the after-school program at Graffiti 2 Community Ministries and has been involved in G2 each of those years except last year.  It was during that time that she attended a program that was held at her school.  Having after-school in a church makes her feel safe. Another thing she prefers about G2 is that she gets to hang out with more of her friends.   As a member of G2’s GSALT, Annabella, who’s favorite subject in school is technology, loves helping the kids with their homework.  Another benefit for Annabella that comes from being a part of Graffiti 2’s after-school program is regular involvement in Bible study.  “I like studying about Genesis, about the beginning and how the earth came to how it is now.”

Annabella would say, #iamG2GSALT

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Graffiti 2 can’t provide a place to belong without the help of many people. Will you consider being a G2Ambassador and mobilize your group or church for our Week of Giving (May 1–7)?

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Graffiti 2 can’t provide a place to belong without the help of many people. Will you consider being a G2Giver and making a special donation towards our Week of Giving (May 1–7)?

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