When Johanna moved to the Bronx from Peru as a young girl, her biggest obstacle was learning English. Now, as a young mother of three boys in the South Bronx, there are greater challenges to deal with, such as finances and finding safe places for her kids.

Several years ago, when her oldest son was in the second grade, Johanna’s friend Mildred Marin, who is now the office manager for Graffiti 2 Community Ministries, told her about the G2 after-school program. Joshua is now in the seventh grade and is involved in GSALT. His twin brothers Edgar and Christian, who are in the fifth grade, have been in the children’s program at G2 since they started school. Johanna loves the atmosphere at Graffiti. “I love that they have Bible study. They make it fun for them to learn about God.”

Not long ago, several years after her first connection with Graffiti 2 Community Ministries, she learned from Mildred and their mutual friend, Kerri Johnson, Graffiti 2 Works Director, about an opportunity for employment. Johanna loves working at Graffiti 2 Works, in part because it allows her to be close to her children while they are in the building for the after-school program. She also loves the working environment. “They’re lovely ladies and very kind.”


Not only do Johanna’s sons enjoy the benefits of Bible study at Graffiti 2, but she emphasizes how much Bible study among her coworkers has impacted her and has spilled over into her home life with her boys. “We discuss what we learn in Bible studies and talk about the consequences of not listening to God. My faith has grown so much.”

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