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In our Upside-Down Trainings we often ask people to draw a picture of a healthy community. What image comes to mind?

For me, it’s not so much an image as a sound. From my apartment window I can hear a lot of sounds. Honking horns, angry screaming, or the siren song of emergency vehicles point to brokenness, not health. However, there are pleasant sounds. Seagulls honk in the morning. Song-birds sing their tune. Baseball fans in St. Mary’s Park scream at the sound of a cracking bat.

Living next to an elementary school, there is another sound I particularly love, the sound of children playing. This is a sound I hear often @335Beekman. I hear it as children play dodge-darts in the basement, as youth play foursquare in the parking lot, or as a multi-generational squad plays football on the street in front of our building. This is the sound of a healthy community.

God gives us a picture of a healthy community in Revelation 21-22.Upside-Down-Joy-Square


Consider these observations from Upside-Down Joy about this perfect community:

  • It’s safe, with huge walls; yet there is freedom. The gates are always open.
  • People walk the gold streets where there is no more poverty or pain.
  • A river runs through the city, just like in Eden. On both sides of this river is a tree. The multifaceted fruit of this tree is life and the healing of the nations. Racism is no more.
  • We will have no more darkness or confusion; God is the light. We are blessed by His presence. His kingdom has come, His will done.



Revelation 21-22 is a beautiful picture of a healthy, perfect community. Have you ever thought though what it will sound like? Let me help. Press play on the video above, close your eyes, and listen.


G2Kids jumping rope in the parking lot.
G2Kids jumping rope in the parking lot @335Beekman.


G.S.A.L.T. playing a board games.
G.S.A.L.T. playing board games @335Beekman.