Pray@335 Beekman

Children, teens, and adults pray every day @335Beekman. We pray thanking God for our snack and for the people around us. We pray asking God to provide peace in our families and neighborhood.

Recently, our Mott Haven community has seen an increase in violence. “Beefs,” aka grudges, between different groups of young people have resulted in several shootings. A young man was murdered around the corner from our building. Another teenage boy was shot on the corner of our street. Just yesterday, the older brother of a young lady we know was shot.

Will you pray for our neighborhood? Will you pray for the children, teens, and adults at Graffiti 2. Will you pray for God to bring good out of the bad? Will you pray for people to find hope in Jesus?

As we look forward to our Week of Giving (May 2-6), we are asking that you join us in showing your Graffiti 2 Spirit and praying for our ministry. Here’s how:


May 2

Monday, May 2: Wear your favorite princess or superhero t-shirt and pray for G2Kids.

May 3

Tuesday, May 3: Dress like a teen and pray for G.S.A.L.T. (Graffiti Serving and Leading Teenagers).

May 4

Wednesday, May 4: Dress in professional attire and pray for Graffiti 2 Works.

May 5

Thursday, May 5: Wear your favorite Christian t-shirt and pray for Graffiti 2 Baptist Church.