Royal Ambassadors at Work

Keller boys

As a missionary, I travel frequently to visit churches and tell the story of what is happening here at Graffiti 2. It is a pleasure to see new places, eat local food, and get a break from the city. On my journeys, I am most blessed though by the people I meet.

Several years ago on a trip to the Birmingham area, I met the two brothers pictured above, Denton and Landon. Their family attends Wilsonville Baptist Church in Wilsonsville, AL. Denton and Landon are active Royal Ambassadors.

When they heard about Graffiti 2’s Week of Giving, they formulated a plan. They asked friends and family to give to Graffiti 2. In exchange for a donation, the boys sent a Graffiti 2 Armband and a print of Proof.

Their love for Graffiti 2 and missions was contagious. When their mom’s friend found out what they were doing, she made a pledge to match all donations raised by the boys. In a matter of weeks, Denton and Landon raised over $500 to give to Graffiti 2’s Week of Giving.

I thank God for Denton and Landon! For all those that are giving this week, as well as all those who support Graffiti 2 year round, here’s a message from the boys . . .