There are a lot of sounds @335Beekman: laughter, garbage trucks, music, sirens, even gunshots. However, this past year there has been a new sound @335Beekman.

“Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.”

That’s the sound of sewing.

The hands in control of that hypnotic noise belong to Diega, Johanna, Millie, and Carmen.

From left to right: Diega, Millie, Johanna, and Carmen.
From left to right: Diega, Millie, Johanna, and Carmen.

Diega is from Honduras and is an expert seamstress. Her son Kenneth is in our G2 Kids after school program. She has taught the other ladies how to sew.

Millie is a member and leader of Graffiti 2 Baptist Church. She can often be heard singing Christian songs while she works.

Johanna has three boys. Christian and Edgar are twins and are in G2Kids. Joshua used to be in G2Kids but is now proud to be a G.S.A.L.T.

Carmen is the newest addition. Her kids are looking forward to being a part of our summer programs.

Together they make key chains, bookmarks, headbands, pot holders, aprons, and sling bags.

These women are part of our Graffiti 2 Works Workforce Development Program. Graffiti 2 Works coaches adults in developing the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual skills necessary for each individual to become the best he or she is capable of becoming. Learning sewing skills and selling products not only provides them with a job but helps build self-esteem and develop relationships with each other and with God.


With our upcoming Week of Giving May 2-6 here’s an idea that can have a double impact. Contact us to order some of the goods the artisans make. Your purchase will immediately help Graffiti 2 Works. Then consider giving the items away to others and asking them to make a donation to our week of giving.

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