Summer Programs Week 2

It’s been hot and steamy here in the city, but G2 has been going strong. You wouldn’t believe what gets done in a week! So many good things are taking place on so many different fronts. G2 is blessed to have an amazing team of servant-leaders leading others to accomplish all these good things. Would you pray for our leaders?

Josh Johnson (Sports Camp Director & G.S.A.L.T. Director)

Kerri Johnson (Summer Moms Director & G2 Works Director)

JoAnn Lira (Bible Study Leader & G2 Kids Director)

Mildred Marin (Office Manager and TNT Dinner Coordinator)

Kyiva Beasley (Water Games Leader & Social Work Intern)

Paige Johnson (Summer Tots Director)

Ted Menster (Construction Volunteer Manager)

Andrew Mann (Executive Director)

G2 is blessed by the many partners from across the country who help us accomplish our mission. This week we’ve been joined by First Baptist Church in Dothan, Alabama. They have been working alongside our Summer Youth and Graffiti 2 Baptist Church volunteers. Check out the pics below to see some of the good things that have happened.

Friends from FBC Dothan alongside our Summer Youth Crew in the dilapidated, but beautiful, sanctuary of our new building.


Work continued this week on the basement of the new building. We cleaned out the basement, filling a 30 cubic yard dumpster.



Paige Johnson leads our Summer Tots program. She will be double majoring in English and Early Childhood Education at Hunter College in the fall.


The Summer Tots had a fun time finger painting!



The students arrive at 8:30 AM to sign-in each morning for sports camp.


The students begin their day and end their day with a large group session. At this time we review our values, expectations, theme, and memory verse.


The students practice drills and skills for each sport.


The students attend Bible study where they learn a memory verse. This week’s memory verse is John 10:9.


During Bible study the students read the week’s story out of The Action Bible.


The students take a break for snack each day.



Graffiti 2 spends time each week training our Summer Youth in G2’s principles and best practices. Pictured above, Josh Johnson leads this summer’s 37 Summer Youth in a training.



Kerri Johnson plans fun and edifying activities for our moms. This week our Summer Moms received Self-Defense training. Watch out!


The G2 Works artisans continue their work every day. Pictured above are Johanna, Emily, Carmen, and Diega (from left to right).