Urban Poetry

Two of our teens recently shared this rap and this poem at our Easter service.

I got up from the floor from a fight, It all just happened one night,
I’m so tight that I lost, I always act like I’m the boss,
No one is, it’s God, But I didn’t pay no mind to him at all,
I got in trouble with my mom so looked at the wall,
I thought about God and read the Bible, My brother is one of my biggest rivals,
He didn’t even give me a lousy letter or call, I hope he knows I ripped all his pictures off the wall.
Andrew Mann is the nicest guy I met, He also has a really nice pet.
He’s a pastor from a church called Graffiti 2, The main point about it is it’s all about respect.
Yup that’s right you can’t snap someone’s neck, You have to take a big step.
Through years God has changed my life, That means I barely get in any fights,
Even though I got my rights. You see I used to do a lot of bad things,
I went to my room to break my sister’s rings, I get in fights all day everyday,
One of my favorite colors is black and grey, That is because it’s the color of ashes.
Yup but now I’m a joyful person, God is the person you need,
He is always there indeed, Love the Lord always,
But remember stay out of those dark places okay.


What if I never met Graffiti 2, would I’ve been alive?
I would’ve been in jail or doing evil in God’s eyes.
Let me demonstrate in a different way.
What if I had never met this church?
Would it have been a new beginning for me?
No it wouldn’t.
I would have been with my friends going around sinning.
But because of you Graffiti 2 this little ugly bat in the cave became a beautiful star in the sky and that would’ve never happened if it wasn’t for you Andrew and Graffiti 2 and I thank you for that.

~Ray Ray