Week of Giving 2017 Report


Thank you for filling in the blank! Because of G2Ambassadors and G2Givers, Graffiti 2’s Week of Giving was a huge success. We thank God for your support which helped us raise over $10,000.

People participated in so many different ways from all over the country.

A friend from Texas wrote us a special song (click here to listen!).

A girl in New Mexico used G2’s Fundraising card to raise fifty dollars.

RA’s and GA’s competed in Penny Wars in Alabama.

Our followers on Facebook gave by “buying boxes” online.

Our kids and teens competed against each other to see who could raise the most money—the kids won, so Josh got a pie in the face! JoAnn got a pie, well, because it was fun!

Here is a breakdown of gifts:

  • G2Kids and G.S.A.L.T. Competition: $757
  • Social Media “Buy a Box” Campaign: $3,255
  • G2Givers by Mail: $6,298

Over the past month I’ve been reminded, We all can’t do everything, but everyone can do something.

Because you do what you do, we can do what we do! For twelve years, Graffiti 2 has been providing a place for people to belong. Children say #iamG2Kids. Teens say #iamG2GSALT. Young adults say #iamG2Interns. Adults say #iamG2Works. All generations say #iamG2Church.

This is not our end goal. Something greater is our aim. We share about Jesus. He must increase and we must decrease. However, people can’t give themselves to Jesus if they don’t know who God made them to be, and it’s hard to figure out who you are without a place to belong.

As Graffiti 2 provides that place, we pray all who find themselves in our fellowship will conclude: