We’re On The Move!

Graffiti 2 is on the move! In October 2016 Graffiti 2 began a conversation with Iglesia Evangelica Independiente Gerizim. In the months that followed, the spirit of cooperation and partnership between our two churches clearly showed God’s Spirit was at work. On May 8, 2017, Graffiti 2 signed a contract to begin using this 160 year old building in September. We believe this is God’s answer to our prayer for a long-term, sustainable space for ministry within our community. It’s less than a block away from our current space!

We are working with a team of people to renovate the building. The renovation plans involve four phases.

Phase 1

Install a bathroom which will allow Graffiti 2 to operate programs and meet as a church on the main floor. Once complete, Graffiti 2 will be able to have up to 74 people in the building.

Phase 2

Rebuild a collapsed staircase and create a second exit out of the building. This will increase the capacity of the building, allowing more people to use the building.

 Phase 3

Renovate basement–build a kitchen and create a multi-purpose space for G2’s programs

 Phase 4

Renovate the second floor sanctuary. This beautiful space needs a lot of work. Check out the picture below and imagine what it will be one day!

We ask that you consider helping Graffiti 2 in one of the following ways:

  1. Pray

  2. Give to Graffiti 2’s Vision Fund by clicking here. In the dropdown menu, select Vision Fund. We can’t do this without your financial support! A gift to the Vision Fund not only helps us with work on the building, it also helps us as we continue to raise funds for our operating budget.

  3. Come and serve with us. We need volunteer construction teams to help with projects. Graffiti 2 is grateful for the help of Ted Menster, a volunteer from North Carolina that is overseeing all the volunteer work. If you’re interested in serving, click  here to contact us.

The work has already begun. Check out the pictures below.

Summer orientation for volunteers on the main floor of the building.


Imagine what might be! Pictured above is Josh sharing vision for the 2nd floor sanctuary.


Building a new exit ramp.


Volunteers from G2 in the Bronx and our partners across the country are all pitching in!


Pouring concrete in the basement.


G2 is beyond grateful for Ted Menster, our volunteer manager and foreman.