Home Fire Campaign Report

On Saturday, April 20, Graffiti 2 Community Ministries hosted a Home Fire Campaign in conjunction with Send Relief, the American Red Cross and FDNY. Over 60 volunteers installed 103 smoke alarms in 32 apartments where over 62 people live. Thanks … Read More

Annual Report for 2018

In Luke 8, Jesus is recorded telling a story about a farmer planting seeds. The seed, which he explains represents God’s word, falls in all kinds of places, each with different results. Only one place yields an abundance of lasting … Read More

After School is Back!

On Thursday, September 27, Graffiti 2 kicked off our school year programs. Friends of G2 from across the country helped us celebrate the start of the new year–check out their video at the bottom of the page! Our 2018-2019 school … Read More

Summer 2018

Graffiti 2 is looking forward to our 14th summer of ministry in the Mott Haven neighborhood. Our summer theme is “Revolutionized Revolutionaries||Change Your World by Being Changed.” The theme is based on Titus 2:14 which says, “He gave his life to … Read More

Week of Giving 2018

Elemental All things are made up of elemental parts, without any one of which, the whole would not be complete. A latte is coffee and milk; a flower is stem, petals, and roots; a person is body, mind, and soul. … Read More

Building Update–April 2018

We’ve reached our goal! Thanks to Graffiti 2’s generous supporters, $50,000 was raised for Phase 1 of our renovation project. Phase 1 construction will include overhauling the plumbing, updating the electrical, and constructing a bathroom. The renovation work will begin … Read More

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