Graffiti 2 Baptism

As Christians, we are called to be revolutionized revolutionaries–disciples that make disciples. We are changed by the power of Jesus Christ, and He in turn works in our life to change those around us. On November 25, Graffiti 2 held … Read More

Fall Festival

Graffiti 2 reached out to our community on Halloween through a Fall Street Festival. We had originally planned to participate in our community’s Safe Streets event; however, that plan was changed due to Hurricane Sandy. A local business allowed us … Read More

Growing Pains

Quotes are all taken from Wikipedia in this post. Growing pains- “pain symptoms relatively common in children.” Since we have started after school programs last week there have been many changes. As I think through these changes, the best way … Read More

Cancerous Joy

To follow Pastor Andrew’s journey with cancer, check out his blog at Make sure to click on the “About” page to learn the reason for the name “Cancerous Joy.”

Summer Update

Another summer is in the books for Graffiti 2! This summer brought several changes. In the first week of summer programs we had a construction team work on building us an office and storage room in our new location, all … Read More

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