Revolutionized Revolutionaries

The vision of Graffiti 2 is to develop a community of revolutionized revolutionaries. We believe that when someone is changed by the power of Jesus Christ, the automatic result will be that they become change makers themselves. Our mission is for these change makers to not only impact the Bronx, but individuals across the country and world.

From June 28-July 5, our GSALT teens embodied our mission and vision as they traveled to Dothan, Alabama on a mission trip. Working with our partner church, Calvary Baptist Church, our GSALT mentored and led Bible studies for the Camp ROC kids. Camp ROC is a program for at-risk students in Dothan that was started as a result of Calvary Baptist’s experiences working with Graffiti 2 in the Bronx.

While serving in Dothan our teens were given specific roles to perform every day. We had students serving as senior advisors, game coordinators, Bible study leaders, encouragers, and support staff. These roles were designed to reflect the responsibilities of our Graffiti 2 staff on the day to day bases. This allowed our teens to experience the challenges and rewards of leadership. So often we teach our GSALT that to be a great leader you must first be a servant. This could not have been taught any better than this week of service gave them.

Our students are constantly invested in by others and this week allowed them to return that investment as they served the kids of Camp ROC.

Our students developed friendships and connections with kids experiencing the same issues they face here in the Bronx. They were able to share their stories, their problems, and their lives with these kids. Most importantly they shared how God is working in their life.

Check out pictures of our trip below!