How much do you know about Graffiti 2?

Take this quiz and test your knowledge.


1. Graffiti 2 Community Ministries serves approximately 100 people each month (True/False)

2. JoAnn Lira is currently the children’s director of Graffiti 2 (True/False)

3. Graffiti 2 Works added baking to its class offerings this year (True/False)

4. On Thursday mornings, Josh hosts a free coffee shop for the neighborhood called Haven Café (True/False)

5. The North American Mission Board named Graffiti 2 a Send Relief Ministry Center this year (True/False).

6. Graffiti 2’s new bathroom has 2 commodes and 1 sink (True/False)

7. Graffiti 2’s summer theme was “Hot Town, Summer in the City.” (True/False)



Read Graffiti 2’s 2019 Annual Report entitled “Do You Know” to find out the answers to your questions and more. 

Here’s a sneak-peak for what’s inside!

Do You Know . . . this is Graffiti 2’s 15th year of ministry in the South Bronx?

Do You Know . . . two new outreaches are serving the adults in our community?

Do You Know . . .Graffiti 2 was named a Send Relief Ministry Center?

Do You Know . . .Graffiti 2 finished our bathroom?

Do You Know . . .Graffiti 2 is praying for a new staff member to join us in our mission?

Do You Know . . .how Graffiti 2 is financially able to accomplish our mission?