Lord of the Harvest

This weekend, 20 Graffiti 2 Youth traveled upstate for the annual Youth Evangelism Conference hosted by the Baptist Convention of New York (BCNY). The number that traveled to this event doubled after some scholarships were made available by the BCNY. As always, this event was impactful for our students. Many made commitments to be “curse breakers”—breaking the curse of sin that has been passed down from generation to generation in their families. Others recognized discrepancies between their life and the faith to which they have been called. One in particular said, “God pulled my card this weekend. . .made me confront some things that need to change.” On Saturday night, three students prayed for salvation, another rededicated his life. All four of these students were added at the last minute due to the last minute scholarships. On the way home in the van, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw something miraculous. Sitting in the back seat was a young man that had previously been hustling on the street who was now reading his new Bible.

While I was away at the retreat, Loren Russell preached at Graffiti 2 Church on Sunday morning. Attending the service was a family that had previously been involved in G2’s after school program a few years back. They came to church for the first time this past Sunday. At the end of the service, two members of this family as well as another young man came forward and gave their lives to God. Praise God for harvesting seeds that were planted so many years ago.

Pray for each of these new brothers and sisters in Christ.