Meet our G.S.A.L.T.

Our 6th-12th graders are called G.S.A.L.T. (Graffiti Serving And Leading Teenagers). These students come to Graffiti every day after school and not only do their own home work but help the younger children with their homework. A few of their favorite classes are English, Gym and Technology. When asked what their favorite thing about Graffiti 2 was, the majority said they enjoyed being with their friends. At the end June, 10 of these students will be going on a mission trip to Chicago to help a church planter by putting on a sports camp and help make connections with immigrant families. Be in prayer as they go through the application process.

6th graders

7th graders

8th graders

9th grader

10th graders

11th grader

-Kerri Johnson