Meet the G2 Family

Graffiti 2 is made up of many wonderful, interesting individuals.  We'd like to introduce you to four of them in this month's newsletter. In addition to displaying a cross section of the programs we offer here, they also represent a variety of interests and reasons for being involved in Graffiti 2.


Shanyelle, a member of our Graffiti 2 Works program, has been involved with Graffiti 2 for almost three years. She began by working as a volunteer in our Summer program because she loves working with kids and participating in sports. She loves that G2 offers many programs and that Graffiti 2 "really takes time out to help each person." Shanyelle adds that Graffiti 2 has taught her that God loves you no matter what. Her favorite hobby is cooking and her favorite foods are lasagna and fried chicken.


After enrolling her son Kenneth in Graffiti 2's after school program for kids who are in grades 1-5, Diega decided to volunteer because she was not working at the time and she likes to participate in things that her son is involved with.  She states that Graffiti 2 has made an impact on the two of them because it is a safe and positive environment.  When asked what she likes best about G2, she replied that the program is very professional and convenient and they also implement God in the program.  Diega says that Graffiti 2 "taught her things about God I already know, but I don't practice it as often as I can."  For fun, Diega and Kenneth like to go to the park and play basketball and they like to watch movies together.  Her favorite hobby is sewing and seafood is her favorite food.


Axel is a member of our GSALT program for youth.  He has been involved in Graffiti 2 for six years and is always ready to express his thankfulness to God for changing his life and the lives of family members through G2 programs.  His favorite part of Graffiti 2 is Bible study, and it is through these studies that he says he learned how Christ died for our sins.  For fun, Axel likes to go to the movies with his family and his favorite food is Mexican.