New Church Building, New Vision

This past Sunday, Graffiti 2 Church began meeting in a new facility located at 335 Beekman Avenue. Our children’s program has used this space since the summer. It is a much larger facility and has the potential for renovation of additional floors allowing for more growth. We already have construction teams lined up to begin the renovation, but we will be looking for more. I am confident God will provide all the help we will need.

In addition to a new building, we launched a new vision for Graffiti 2 Church. This vision originates from 3 principles found in the Great Commission. 1. Go, not come: We are to go to unbelievers, not have them come to church. 2. Everyone, not some: We are to share with everyone, not just pick and choose who we think. 3. Make disciples, not church members: Disciples will make more disciples which will make more disciples.

We are trusting God for miracles in and through us as Graffiti 2 Church steps faithfully towards this new vision.

  1. Kevin

    It is refreshing to hear of your commitment to making disciples, and not church members at the exact moment when Graffiti is expanding its facilities. This shows that you are more interested in the Kingdom of God than further expansion of Graffiti. May God continue to bless others through you.

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