New Year of After School Programs

We are off to a great start this year in our after school programs at Graffiti 2. We began this school year with our annual school supply sale on September 9. We were able to provide school supplies at a reduced cost to approximately 100 families in our community. We are so appreciative of each of you who donated to the school supply sale. A group of individuals from Shiloh Baptist Church in North Carolina came and helped us out on the day of the school supply sale.


After school programs began on September 23. We have 61 students in grades 1-12 involved in our programs this year. Many of these students are returning students from the previous year. We also have many new students involved in programs this year. It is always great getting to meet and minister to new families in our community.


We are incorporating some new elements into our after school programs this year. One of those new elements is a Pod group. Pods are small groups of about 10-12 students assigned to a Graffiti 2 staff member. Our Pods meet twice a week to discuss how things are going, have Bible study, and learn a skill associated with our respect values. This time is designed to be a mentoring time with a small group of students.


Chapel is another new element we are incorporating into our after school programs. All of the students, teenagers, and parents come together for our chapel time once a month. Chapel is a high energy, kid-driven, worship experience where the gospel is presented. We had our very first Graffiti 2 chapel service on Monday, October 7.

We are excited about this new year of after school programs at Graffiti 2.

Jo Lynn Hawk
Student and Family Counselor