People Affecting People–Kids Affecting Kids

Graffiti 2’s vision is to have a community of revolutionized revolutionaries. People affecting people. Kids affecting kids!!

Every month Graffiti 2 hosts an Agape Feast. This month’s Agape Feast had an unexpected but delightful outcome. At the end of the feast, Graffiti 2 shared in the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper. As the bread and juice were being passed, one of our 3rd grade students, Michael, did not understand why he didn’t receive the “bread and wine” while Noah, another 3rd grader, sitting across from him did. In fact he got quite upset and began to cry, saying, “I hate Graffiti 2 and don’t want to come back.” His mom called me over to explain to him why he could not participate. With him in tears, he really did not have any care for what I was saying at the time.

Wednesday when he arrived at after school program, he was still upset. He even wrote a note explaining his frustration. The note read, “I can’t go to church because I get bored and can’t stay quiet, but I love God.” Ashley asked Noah to sit with him and explain why he was allowed to participate and Michael was not.

Noah shared two testimonies with Michael. First, he shared his testimony of how he accepted Christ in his life. Second, he shared his testimony on how God called his family to be missionaries here in the Bronx. Noah told Michael to read his Bible and when he felt he was ready to ask his parents or somebody at Graffiti 2 to share with him how to accept Christ in his life.

Michael did just that! He hurried to get a Bible and while everybody else was playing games, he read his Bible. A kid that struggles to focus on anything for more than 2 minutes, sat intently reading the Word.

Later, Michael sat with me and I shared with him the plan of salvation. Over the past 2 years in after school he has developed a deep knowledge of the Bible. He fully understood Christ’s sacrifice for him and the free gift of salvation offered to him. He prayed to God, “God I know I am a sinner. I know my sin separates me from you. I believe that Jesus lived, died and came back to life. He took my punishment for my sins. I want to make you the boss of my life. I want to do things your way, not my way. Amen.”

A few moments later, Michael exclaimed to Noah, “I am a Christ follower now.”

People Affecting People. Kids Affecting Kids. Revolutionized Revolutionaries.

  1. Linda Williams

    Michael and Noah – I’m a Christ follower, too. I hope I get to visit you next time I’m in the neighborhood visiting Proof.

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