Psalm 144

For the past several months, Graffiti 2 Baptist Church has been studying the book of Psalms. The book of Psalms teaches us to grow closer to God by remembering the past, expressing in the present, and anticipating the future. By reading Psalms we learn to express all of our feelings to God—every human emotion can be found in the book. The 150 chapters of Psalms are actually songs. They are lyrical poetry. In other words, they are rap.

During our time of studying this book, the church asked for people to share creative expressions connected to the Psalms we were studying. Valdorian Whitfield reflected on Psalm 144 and wrote the following rap:

God gave me the words

As a weapon for these demons

Lord know’s I was a sinner I was a rebel with a reason

I know the devil’s lurkin’

Every chance I get the sneezin’

And lately I’ve been feeling

Like he’s getting stronger ev’ry season

But I got this God on my plate

So he ain’t eatin’

And I got my cross

On the shield

He start the bleeding

Just know that I’m a man

My shadow pass while I’m breathing

And I don’t need a pump I can feel my asthma leavin ‘

And now that the battle’s over

I could see my world turning over

So strapping this Bible like a soldier

A cowboy with the holster

Raise your hand to the sky

If you can see it in my eyes

That I’ve been smokin’ less trees

So I get down on my knees

and planting mustard seeds

So I can plant some faith in you

All the things that they said that wasn’t true

He takes old and he turned it into new

Made a promise and he followed through

Oh Lord what am I do to

When they don’t listen

He said these bars are ammo

Then he sent me on a mission

Shoot a message to them young Christians

Let ‘em know that someone’s listenin’

And when they get that hole on their hearts

And feel something’s missing

I got plenty of more love

My gifts are for giving

And as long I’m writing then the message will be livin’