Small Things

Small Things

My mind has been occupied recently with many things. For me these things loom large. They seem so great. In reality, they’re not that big. When compared to the cosmos, compared to eternity, compared to God, they’re miniscule.

I’m learning that God looks at things in a different way. Big things are small. Small things are big. We rarely see those small things in their culminating moments. They’re subtle, they’re ordinary, they don’t turn our heads.

We are reminded in Zechariah 4:10,
“For who scorns the day of small things?”

After all, when God’s hand is in it, out of small things come great things! June 12-14 Graffiti and Graffiti 2 are celebrating great things that began small. In the past forty years for Graffiti and the past ten for Graffiti 2, we never even realized what was happening. In fact, much of the time we felt defeated.

However, we have continued to do the small things. Small things like serving a sandwich, talking with a teen, riding a bike with some kids, sweeping a floor, reading a book, sewing some fabric, saying a prayer, or sharing a smile.

It’s been said that none of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love. I’m realizing that even my love isn’t all that great. In fact, it’s pretty small, pretty ordinary. When compared to the love of God, it’s miniscule.
I can’t do great things. I can’t love greatly. If I could, then I would get the glory.

However, I can do small things with ordinary love.

God makes those things great. That way, He gets the glory.