Sports Camps, Summer Tots, and Fine Arts Camp

On July 12 Graffiti 2 began our month long summer program. This program has four components.
1. In the mornings 1st-8th grade students participate in sports camps. The first week was soccer led by mission teams from First Baptist Church (Cary, North Carolina) United Dayspring, Ohio, and even Scotland. They did a great job leading our first-ever soccer camp. This past week Calvary Baptist Church has been leading football and cheer leading camp. Much thanks to all of these partners.
2. At the same time as the sports camp, Graffiti 2 has a preschool program called Summer Tots. Last year we did this program only two days a week. This

year we have expanded it to four days a week. These are 4, 5, and 6 year olds. Many of which in the past would have been turned away from our programs as they are not old enough to participate in sports camps.
3. In the afternoons, Graffiti 2 hosts a summer fine arts camp. The first week was art led by Glaucia Mir (The Mir Family came to Graffiti 2 for a family mission trip). This week, Calvary Baptist has helped lead music. Next week, the students will learn dance.
4. All day long, 30 teens from our neighborhood participate in the summer GSALT (Graffiti Serving and Leading Teens) program. These teens help with our

summer programs as well as participate in a Servant/Leadership curriculum in the afternoons. Throughout the summer, these teens also perform a number of
community service projects.

Our summer theme is Not Afraid. Based on Joshua 1:9, the kids learn every day to “Be Strong. Be Brave. Be Hopeful. God is with You.”