Summer Programs Week 3

Around Graffiti 2 we like to say,

“Everyone can’t do everything, but everyone can do something!”

Perhaps this truth is most noticeable in the summer! This week in addition to G2’s staff, G2 volunteers, and our Summer Youth, we had the help of a mission team composed of individuals from four states (Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia)!

As you check out the pics below from some of our activities this past week, can you count how many people are working together, doing their “something?”

Work continued on the new building this week led by Ted Menster (G2’s Construction Volunteer Manager). Pictured above are some of our youth helping build shelves in our new storage space.


The Summer Tots meet each morning. Led by Paige Johnson, these kids enjoy crafts, Bible stories, games, outdoor park time, and music.


Tennis camp is led by Dale Williamson (pictured in action in the blue shirt on the left). This is his 13th summer serving with G2.


Over 40 Summer Youth assist Graffiti 2 with our summer programs.


Not only do Summer Youth help teach sports, they are also trained in G2’s Strategy for Teaching Behavior. Pictured above, one of the summer youth is reviewing our “Four Questions” with a student.


There’s more to sports camps than sports! Picture above are students alongside their mission team leaders (in blue) participating in water games. Kyiva Beasley, G2’s Social Work Intern, leads a team of Summer Youth in providing these fun, wet games for students.


This week our Summer Moms were blessed with a nice meal at a new restaurant in our neighborhood. Kerri Johnson helps to organize these activities in the summer. Each of these women above give their “somethings” to G2 in many different ways!


G2’s afternoons are focused on continuing services to our children in after school programs. Pictured above are two students receiving help from three of our workers. We love that ratio!


Summer G.S.A.L.T. is led by Josh Johnson. Their activities each week include a service project, a time of fellowship and learning, and a field trip. Pictured above are the youth working on one of their craft projects.


So how many did you count? There’s a lot more than what you see here. G2 thanks God for the many people generously giving their “something!”